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Since 1988, A Romantic Maui Wedding has helped over 7000 couples plan their Maui Weddings. Complete, customized arrangements can be made for your Maui wedding or wedding reception such as a marriage license, minister, wedding photographer, video, flowers, music, formal wear, limousines, receptions, etc... Professional, personal attention is given to every detail of your special day. We specialize in private locations for your Maui wedding and reception and we do have a large enough staff to accommodate last minute weddings or vow renewals. At A Romantic Maui Wedding we have put together the things that we feel all Maui Weddings should include. We call this our Basic Maui Wedding Plan. In addition to the Basic Wedding Plan we hope you will want to add a photography and video package. We like to let couples tailor their own Maui weddings so we do not package everything together. The Basic Maui Wedding Plan is where you would start.
For more information on the Basic Maui Wedding Plan click here!Our complete Directory is just below!


Bridal Guide
Frommer's Guide to Maui
Maui Revealed


Hawaii Wedding Professionals
(now The Maui Wedding Assoc.)

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A Marriage Made on Maui
A Marriage Made in Heaven!

Service is the maui wedding
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Picture yourself at one of these locations for your Maui wedding!
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A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Wedding

After planning more then 7000 weddings, many Vow Renewals, Proposals etc… there has to be some good stories! This is a book of anecdotes. Some good, some bad, some sad and some ugly! It is also a blueprint for planning any wedding!

This book by Maui Wedding Planner, Sandy Barker, is now available on Kindle at Amazon.

Price is $9.99

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 Maui Wedding Planner or Brochure
Click Here To Print Our Complete Planner or Brochure on Maui Weddings!

 Getting Started on your Maui Wedding plans!

You can get our Maui Wedding Planner NOW! If you have a printer, you may want to print out the complete Maui wedding information that we would mail you if you call. It is about 18 printed pages! It does include wedding prices, a wedding reservation form and a wedding checklist to help you with your wedding planning. If you decide that you want us to help you with your Maui wedding plans, please read it through carefully together. We want you to read it so you can be well informed, So please proceed and you will learn a lot about Maui Weddings!

maui weddingIn an effort to provide you with as much information as possible about a Maui Wedding and Honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii, we have created this Maui Wedding and Reception directory. For easy navigating please read each link before proceeding and use your back button to return to the home page. Mahalo!

Start with a Romantic Maui Wedding Proposal
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 Information on Maui Weddings

maui weddingsWhy Choose a Destination Wedding In Maui, Hawaii
maui weddingBasic Maui Wedding Plan
maui weddingMarriage License Information for your Maui Wedding
maui weddingAdvice for Maui Weddings
maui weddingMeet Maui Wedding Planner, Sandy from Romantic Maui Weddings
Ministers and Officiates for your Maui Wedding
Photography For Maui Weddings

maui weddingsVideo Production of Your Maui Wedding
Flowers For Maui Weddings
Information on Catholic Maui Weddings in Hawaii
maui weddingsLocations for your Maui Wedding (The Right Site)
maui weddingsPrivate Maui Weddings and Reception Locations
maui weddingsBeach Locations for Maui Weddings
maui weddingsResort Locations for Maui Weddings
maui weddingsCondominium Weddings and Reception Facilities

Helicopter Weddings in Maui
maui weddingCruise Ship Wedding Information

maui weddingAn Under Water Maui Wedding
maui weddingsMaui Waterfall Weddings

maui weddingsMaui Wedding Options
What you need to know about Digital Photography

maui weddingsGifts and Accessories for a Maui Wedding
maui weddingsMusic for Maui Weddings
maui weddingTuxedos for Maui Weddings
maui weddingsHawaiian Ties, Cummerbunds and Vests
maui weddingsMaui Bridal Wear - Steam Your Maui Wedding Dress
maui weddingsButterfly Release for your Maui Wedding
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Dove Release

Horse and Carriage
maui weddingsLimousines for Maui Weddings
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Specialties
maui weddingsHair and Makeup for your Maui Wedding
Pamper Package for Your Wedding Day in Hawaii
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Photo Album (some of our favorites)
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Chapels
maui weddingYacht or Sail Boats for Maui Weddings
Vow Renewals In Maui, Hawaii
maui weddingsIncluding Children In Your Maui Wedding Ceremony

Valentine's Day Special
maui weddingsReferences
Maui Wedding Checklist
maui weddingsItemized Maui Wedding Price List
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Preview (visit Maui, Hawaii and check things out)!
maui weddingsMap To A Romantic Maui Wedding
maui weddingsLearn The Hawaiian Wedding Song


Information on Receptions for Maui Weddings
Have a wonderful, romantic beachside dinner for two with the one you love!

Maui Wedding Reception Information
maui weddings
Beachside Chefs (dinner on the beach)
maui weddingsBeachside Bistro

Private Garden Dinners
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Cakes
maui weddingsIn Home Maui Cooks

A Tea Party in Paradise!
Simple, inexpensive and elegant!
Great Girls Night Out!

Sample Maui Wedding and Reception Packages
(Pricing Samples)
maui weddingsMaui Wedding Beach Package Sample
maui weddingsLuau Reception Package Sample

Maui Honeymoon Information
maui weddingsMaui Travel and Accommodations
Maui Activities
maui weddingsMaui Snapshots
maui weddingsMaui Employment Opportunities
Our Favorite Wedding Links
The Maui Wedding Connection

Maui Sunset Chart

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 Valentine's Day
The busiest day of the year on Maui!

There is still time to reserve this date with us!

Same Sex Marriages are now legal in Hawaii.

For a free Maui Wedding Brochure or information by mail please contact us at:
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 A permit is required for all Maui Weddings on the beach. These permits will not be expensive ($20), and we will get the permit for you when you reserve with us. It is still very important however not to disturb any other visitors at the beach. Alcohol is illegal on the beach. The State and the County of Maui do not want anything to interfere with the Public's use of the beach. If you wish to have tables and chairs or arches, please use a private location for your Maui Wedding! Anyone caught with tables and chairs on the beach can be fined. Some Maui Wedding Companies offer it to compete with the ones that are doing the right thing. If it continues we could loose the right to use the beaches for weddings. That would be a sad thing and shame on them. Mahalo! For more info on Beach Permits visit our Beach page!

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